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If you have any comments or ideas, perhaps requests for greeting labels please contribute below and we will do our best to come up wth something.    By the way, you do not need to include name, e-mail or website information if you do not want to.
We also have many of our postal gifts in our letterboxfriendly ebay shopshop. Why not have a look at our letterboxfriendly ebay shop feedback

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54 comments to Comments and Feedback

  • Janice ryan

    2nd time I’ve placed an order with letterbox friendly. Easy to order and delivery on both occasions have been delivered the following day. I was kept up to date with the orders progression via email.
    Can’t fault my experience and would definitely recommend to friends and definitely use again. 10 out of 10

  • Excellent service, the person I spoke to was a delight and I recommend this company to one and all. ps. The sweets are brilliant too!

  • Karen

    I have sent two of these as gifts and know I will send many many more.
    So happy with the fast delivery, beautiful boxes and lovely idea!

    Thank you so much!

  • Carolyn

    Very happy with the service. My instructions were slightly complicated and the goods arrived in a timely fashion exactly as I hoped. Thank you

  • Joanne Craven

    Excellent service, a wonderful idea for a present for someone who has everything, brought back special memories of a childhood in the Forties for my dad.

  • Karen Newton

    Placed my order late on Thursday evening and it reached it’s destination on Saturday, just in time for my daughter’s birthday. She was very happy with her ‘Born in the 90s’ gift box. Thanks so much. Very impressed with the service. :)

  • Christal

    After a slight mix up with my order & after the wrong item was delivered, i was very happy with the way the issue was handled & the correct box was sent out & received the following day after i’d made the complaint.
    I am sure my soon-to-be 70 year old step-father will approve much more of his ‘Born in the 40′s’ gift box & my 4 year old son will enjoy the other box of sweets which we were told to keep as way of apology..
    Highly recommended & will definitely come back for other occasions

  • Anonymous

    Brilliant service, great quality gifts! Will DEFINITELY shop again soon!

  • Deb Ling

    I ordered a box of sweets from the 60′s for my friends 50th birthday. She was delighted and well and truley suprised. A wonderful gift and so convinient as it fits through letterbox. I was so pleased I sent a second one to another friend and my Mum had sent one too.
    Definately something I will use again.

  • Yvonne

    your site is terrific for last minute whoops forgot your birthday gift and family not close thankyou very much – Yvonne a busy landlady

  • Charlotte

    I sent a box to my boyfriend and one to my sister to encourage them with their exam revision and they were both thrilled!
    The service is fantastic, they both arrived 2 days after I placed the order. I have already recommended this website to all my friends and I will definitely be using it again. Thank you so much.

  • christina smith

    Hi, my friend recieved a large sweet box the other day and was delighted. The box itself was just what im looking for to send some books through the post. I was wondering if u would be so kind as to point me in the right direction of where you purchase them. kind regards Christina

    • Kate

      thanks or the kind comment. The boxes are manufactured specifically for us, and we do sell them in limited numbers, I’ll e-mail you on this

  • Angie Weller

    Am home recuperating after a hospital stay and received one of your boxes, what a fab idea, takes me back to my childhood, sat here munching my way through it, thank you!

  • Carol Quinn

    HI Kate

    Glad to see your great service is still going. Ive recommended you to quite a few people and they are all highly delighted. Hope you and the family are all well.

    Lots of love
    Carol (was Dennis now Quinn but will, next May become Carol Kelly!!!) – Im getting married again!!!

  • Heather

    I just thought I would post a quick comment to say how brilliant the service was. I ordered a gift box on a Wednesday afternoon and by midday the next day the birthday boy had received his parcel.

    Really pleased with the service especially for the price. Would happily recommend letterbox friendly!!

  • LindsayD

    Hi, I know you ar reliant on Royal Mail for first class delivery (its 90 odd % next day isnt it?)
    I wanted to order for a birthday, I wonder if you have the optiont o palce an order for despatch on a future date? Or is that too complicated and should I just make sure I remember to order a day or two before the date?
    PS A friend told me about your site. I LOVE IT. Superb idea.

    • Kate

      Hi Lindsay
      Thanks for the comments. Yes it is first class post. We generally achieve better than 90% next day according to customers, but yes it is not guaranteed. regarding dispatching on a future date, I will add a feature to the site sometime in the year, but for the moment as you check out there is an opportunity to say when you would like us to dispatch by adding your required dispatch date to the additional information box. We will then diarize the order.
      hope that is OK.
      all the best

  • I just want to say how wonderful your service is!! I’ve used you 4 times now and each time the gift has been received in perfect condition and sooo quickly! Its rare to find such continual good service. Keep up the good work :)

  • Danielle Sanderson

    Hiya…Just wanted to say Thanks for a brilliant, fast and reliable service!! I ordered a “Born in the 60s” Box late Sunday evening and first thing Tues morning my box arrived…full of wonderful sweeties and looks fab too!! Will definately be back for more!!
    Thanks again Danielle (“,)x

    • Kate

      Thanks Danielle
      We very much appreciate the feedback, glad you liked it.
      We’ve also been doing a lot of work to the site recently, if you look around you will see more options for all sorts of sweets selection.
      Thanks again

  • Rachel


    I have ordered from you before and have been given the option to change the box label, have you changed this or is it only on certain products?


  • Catherine Parnaby

    Hi Kate and Richard,

    just found this website and the boxes all look lovely! I’d love to get one of the American boxes for Fathers day when they come back in stock, me and my dad love American sweets! But it would be super great if you could choose what goes in them for at least a few products, maybe a create your own American box where it’s £25 for so many products from a list, where you can choose so many from list A, so many from list B etc, so people on’t just choose all the expensive ones! Just a thought ;)


    • Kate

      Hi Catherine
      like the idea. The only issue with American sweets is a secure supply, it can be very variable. Your idea may actually lend itself to that problem. I will have a go at that in a few week. If for whatever reason I don’t get it done in time (I should!), please mail us with what you would like in a box, we will see what we can do and we can then take an order off you on the phone if you like. We just got peanut butter Twix in, now that is an interesting one!
      We also keep meaning to do a large box version of this:-
      all the very best

  • Sam

    Ive used you a few times for wedding, christmas and graduation, new baby, would have liked a new home one as think the sweets are nicer than a card. Everyone seems to have enjoyed them.

  • Jo W!!

    Hi Kate and Richard,

    I have been meaing to say that the parcel arrived just exactly as you said it would, even though I bucked he system and delayed delivery for a few weeks, so thanks for that. All went well for Christmas and my relative seemed well pleased with the vegan sweets, so pleased in fact I got chance to taste one and it was rather good. Top idea all round. Now, who else can I give a Letterboxfriendly gift to?

  • Jo W!!

    Hi Kate, Richard,

    I really appreciate prompt replies and the helpful suggestions. You clearly put in a lot of effort, and the result is I placed an order this evening :-) . To make things easier for us lazy people, could you add a link to your website on your e-mail replies? Or did I just miss it?

    Thanks a lot once again.


    • Kate

      cheers Jo

      Good idea I’ll do that (website on the emails that is). tell us what your relative thought of the Vegan box. When we have time we will get that on the site also.

      All the best


  • Jo W!!

    Hi there Kate,

    Just seen your website, and it looks great. I see you do vegetarian sweets which is great, and I have a relative who is strict vegan; would this package accommodate him too? It could be a good potential Christmas box for him.

    Cheers, and all the best Jo (and Damian!)

  • tammy allen

    just to say i stumbled across the site whilst at home with a broken ankle and needed to send something to work for my husbands birthday, it arrived within 24hours and he was delighted, so much so, i was instructed to order another the next day for the birthday of his colleague. thanks for a great product and service.

  • Anonymous

    maybe you could desid what you put in the box.

    • Kate

      good idea, we do have one option to try to do this for little boxes with two types of sweet, but it is not a full implementation of your idea. I’ll have a think on that, its a great idea



  • Jon

    Absolutely Brilliant Website, only found it yesterday and have ordered 3 boxes, one turned up today and my little one is pleased but my wife is even more excited, i ordered one for her but did not turn up yet, so she keeps on raiding his sweets.

    just ordered another for a birthday present for my niece.

    Well done, excellent service and idea.

    We will be back.


  • Fiona Williams

    I bought 3 of the large boxes for 3 different people, 2 of them went astray in the Post and turned up a few days later but in the meantime Kate was amazing and so helpful and kept in touch until everything arrived safely! And when they did, the recipients were VERY happy! They were well packed and stuffed with amazing sweets, and Kate even catered for my vegetarian sister by supplying a box of gelatin free goodies! I fully intend to buy more and highly recommend Kate and letterbox friendly to EVERYONE! Thank you so much xx

    • Kate

      Hi Fiona
      Thanks so much for the kind feedback- i’m really pleased everyone liked their sweeties and hope you got to share a few of them too!
      Many thanks

  • Danielle

    This is possibly the best website ever!!!…. and i stubbled across it. I know so many people whos day would be made if they got one of these!!! :)

    I think you need a ‘sours’ option. My husband would just love one full of sour goodies and its his birthday in 2 weeks. Any chance you can do it before then???

  • Anonymous

    This is my favour website i have ever stubbled across!!!! everyone will be getting these!!!

  • Richard

    Could you do a label for your boxes that just says “thinking of you”
    thanks Richard